Loh Yun Yu Quote

Yun Yu – Social Worker at AWWA Family Service Centre

Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yun Yu, and I am a social worker at AWWA Family Service Centre (FSC). I work alongside individuals and families of various ages and backgrounds. At AWWA FSC, we journey alongside our clients through their life challenges. For some, we act as the bridge to connect them to services they require or have difficulty accessing. For others, we provide emotional and counselling support to guide them through intrapersonal or family struggles. Collectively, we strive to empower them with the necessary knowledge to overcome the adversities they face.

Why do I enjoy what I do? I guess it’s because of the practicality of the job, as what we do directly impacts the lives of others in various ways – from the more immediate provision of necessities, to the prolonged interaction through which clients build up their resilience and problem-solving skills. As individuals and families have their own strengths, I believe they all possess the tenacity to emerge victorious from their situation. This motivates me to continue being a supportive presence as they overcome their challenges. I vividly recall a client whom we assisted. Watching them grow each step of the way to the point where they regained financial independence really encourages me to be a better social worker so I can help more families attain their dreams.

I love my job because it is dynamic and meaningful. I’m truly honoured to be given the opportunity to journey alongside my clients and help them overcome their challenges

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