The Home Therapy programme provided by AWWA Rehab and Day Care Centre was started in 2016 to support home-bound seniors who face physical challenges in functional abilities. Our programme offers structured and holistic rehabilitation through intervention such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to support functional recovery and enable seniors to continue living in the community with dignity and optimal independence.

We serve

  • Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents aged 60 and above with Physical dysfunctions such as stroke, Parkinson Disease, and fractures that result in activity limitation and participation restriction
  • Homebound seniors who are unable to attend centre-based rehabilitation services

Our suite of Home-Based Active Rehabilitation, Home-based Exercise Training and Home Environmental Review include:

  • Physiotherapy (Pain management, strengthening, balance and endurance training, functional and community mobility training
  • Occupational Therapy (Basic activities of daily living, and instrumental activities of daily living training)
  • Speech Therapy Services (Dysphagia management, and oro-motor exercises)
  • Case Management (Socio-emotional support such as counselling)
  • Caregiver Services (Caregiver education and training)
  • Home Environment Assessments

How to apply:

Get a referral from a hospital, polyclinic, or General Practitioner who is familiar with you or your loved ones’ condition and needs, or visit an AIC Link near you. Alternatively, you may contact us directly at +65 6511 6790


Home Personal Care Service

Operating Details:

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