AWWA is committed to developing our teams and helping our employees thrives in their careers. Our two-pronged executive development programme comprises a Corporate and a Clinical Track.

There are two tracks at point of entry: Corporate Track and Specialist Track

  1. Corporate Track is defined as: 

“Job functions that primarily provide AWWA-wide business support services to 
enable uninterrupted operations”.

The Corporate Track includes the following functions/portfolios: 

    • Administration
    • Facilities
    • Community Partnership & Relations
    • Human Resources
    • Corporate Communications
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Service Quality & Risk Management

Specialist Track is defined as:

“Job functions that primarily provide key specialist and/or professional services constituting the client-facing AWWA services”.

The Specialist Track includes the following job families/portfolios:

    • Early Intervention (EI) Teaching
    • Nursing
    • Care & Programme
    • Therapy
    • Social Work
    • Preschool Teaching
    •  Psychology
    • Special Education (SPED)
    • Teaching

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Please note: AWWA does not charge a monetary fee at any stage of our recruitment process (applications, interviews, processing), and we are committed to upholding good standards of accountability and integrity. 

 If you suspect, or are aware of any instance of inappropriate or unlawful use of AWWA resources during the recruitment process, please report it immediately to

Should you encounter any problem with your applications, please get in touch with us at

Competitive Remunerations & Benefits:

We offer a competitive salary that is benchmarked across the Social Service Sector. We pay our people fairly in line with their qualifications, skills and work experience.

Supportive Work Environment

The well-being of our people is important to us and fundamental to AWWA values and culture. We are committed to providing our team members with the necessary support to balance work and personal needs.

Great Workplace Health

We are committed to implementing an integrated workplace health programme that encourages and enables our people to achieve an optimum level of physical, mental and social well-being.

Developing our People

At AWWA, we make learning opportunities available at all stages of our team’s careers to help them excel in their existing jobs and to prepare them for future responsibilities. As a team member, you are entitled to training and development opportunities through different methodologies.

Career Opportunities

Check out our opportunities and current job openings below if you are interested in joining our big family, and contribute to the social service sector.

Staff Testimonials

Yap Li Wen

How did I join AWWA? Why did I join AWWA? Joining AWWA was a natural choice for me as there are diverse programs that strive to empower clients to maximise their potential and lead a purposeful life. Besides getting to see clients in different life stages across the lifespan, we also get to support clients and their family in their own home, their neighborhood, and their community. Being in the client’s natural contexts affords me with opportunities to better understand the needs and resources of clients and collaborate with community partners, to enable participation.   Moreover, AWWA is one of the

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Eunice Chang Sow Keng

Although social work was a vocation Eunice decided on in Secondary School, a job at AWWA School was an opportunity she merely chanced upon. Emerging from a medical setting, Eunice was ensnared by AWWA’s very openhearted and welcoming staff, overall balminess of the working environment and culture which she says is unlike anything that she has ever experienced. She enthusiastically declares that the strong bonds that she shares with her colleagues that transcend departments and hierarchy have nurtured and enriched her AWWA experience. Eunice is humble about her hefty portfolio which involves managing various staff such as psychologists, therapists and

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