Transition Planning Department

Transition Planning department

Transition planning department oversees the Vocational Education (VE) modules training for Senior students. The Senior students are exposed to the various modules on rotational basis per semester till they reach 15 years old. The modules offered are as follows:

  • Environmental cleaning
  • F&B
  • Retail
  • Urban farming
  • Vocational crafts

At 16 years, the students are identified for possible post-18 pathway tracks for continual vocational training and community mobility training. Specific VE modules are assigned to better prepare the students for their post-18 placements. School based attachments are assigned for students on Supported Employment and Sheltered Workshop tracks. Work Exposure and Experience programs are further offered to students on Supported Employment tracks to empower our students in real work environment, providing a smoother transition into the workplace after their graduation.

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