AWWA began operating our first Transitional Shelter (TS) for families in January 2018. Its goal is to provide temporary housing to displaced families who have exhausted all other housing option. In 2022 we started operation of our second TS.

Key activities include:

Casework and Counselling
Social workers work closely with families upon admission, to strengthen family stability. We especially focus on working with our families to secure long-term housing, improve employment and financial stability, and keep children in school.

Group work and Programmes
TS also promotes social capital building for our families by bringing families together on a regular basis to strengthen community support.

Post-discharge Support
TS continues to support families for six months post-discharge by creating transition plans and referring families to nearby family service centres for continued support.

If you are seeking temporary shelter for yourself, please visit your nearest Family Service Centre for a referral.

To apply for enrolment in our programme, please submit the referral form, social report and supporting documents to


Operating Details:

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