AWWA commenced operations as a service provider for a Transitional Shelter (TS) in January 2018. It aims to provide temporary accommodation to displaced families who have exhausted all other means of accommodation. It also provides social work intervention to address complex housing and social needs of admitted families to achieve long-term housing options.

Key activities include:

  • Casework and Counselling

Social workers work closely with the families, especially during the initial few months upon admission, to strengthen family stability. Together we journey with families to secure long term housing, improve employability and financial situation as well as keep children engaged in school.

  • Group work and Programmes

TS also facilitates the building of social capital for our families by regularly bringing families together to build community support. We also introduce partners to support families with skills and knowledge in areas such as budgeting, financial/debt management and parenting.

  • Post-discharge Support

TS continues to support families for six months post-discharge, by creating transition plans and transferring cases to nearby Family Service Centres for continued support.


Transitional Shelter

Operating Details:

Contact Us:

To apply for enrolment in our programme, please submit the referral form, social report and supporting documents to

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