AWWA operates one of the nation’s earliest and largest therapy hubs, and our team comprises over 160 skilled physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, and psychologists.

All our Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. Their diverse skills support the optimal participation of persons across life stages – from infants to adults with additional needs, and the elderly, within AWWA and beyond through partnerships with agencies from the social service, healthcare, and education sectors.

Besides professional intervention, we formulate clinical projects and provide consultancy support to shape the therapy ecosystem collectively. Always driven by excellence, our AHPs are continuously upskilled with continuous dedicated coaching, workshops, conferences, and clinical improvement projects, which enable them to address the multifaceted needs of the sector better.

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Transdisciplinary Approach

AWWA adopts a transdisciplinary approach when working with clients across multiple services. As Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) bring their expertise and experiences from an array of specialisations, working in transdisciplinary teams allows us to provide services in an integrated and holistic manner. Through this approach, intervention plans and goals are a shared responsibility and are monitored by everyone in the team. This also provides AHPs of different skillsets to work together and better understand varying practices. This collaborative approach results in enhanced and more meaningful client outcomes.

Teaching and Learning Culture

AWWA’s teaching and learning culture is bolstered by continued professional development for AHPs. The AHPs develop clinical competencies and learn from one another through macro and micro teaching. Through platforms like workshops, talks, and informal mentoring, AHPs are able to learn from senior AHPs across disciplines. Clinical research and impact evaluation thrusts further add to the development of our AHPs.


Rotation across Services

AHPG currently reaches out to different services across social service, community care and education settings. As such, our AHPs have many opportunities for skills and career development. 

Testimonials from our AHPs

Life in AWWA

‘No one day is the same. Going to work every day is like going on a new adventure. It is hard to predict what the day may bring. It is also very inspiring because I get to work/interact with passionate and experienced individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of people. Work can be challenging but AWWA’s teaching and learning culture makes me feel very encouraged and supported.”

Venetta Ho, Associate Psychologist

Why did I join AWWA?

“Joining AWWA was a natural choice for me as there are diverse programmes that strive to empower clients to maximise their potential and lead purposeful lives. Besides getting to see clients in different life stages across the lifespan, we also get to support them and their family in their own homes, neighborhoods, and the community. Being in a client’s natural contexts provides me with opportunities to better understand the needs and resources of clients and collaborate with community partners, to enable participation.  

Moreover, AWWA is one of the more prominent therapy hubs in Singapore, where we provide intervention services to numerous Intermediate and Long-term Care (ILTC) agencies. The programmes that we develop have the potential to be rolled out in different places, which puts us in a good position of influence of care delivery in the ILTC sector.”

Yap Li Wen, Principal Occupational Therapist

Life in AWWA

“Life in AWWA has been inspiring and rewarding at the same time. Throughout the years I’ve spent with AWWA, I have learned about the little steps I can provide as a professional and as a person to integrate and include children with special needs in our community.” 

Sethulakshmi, Speech Therapist 


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