AWWA has a Conflict of Interest Policy and operating procedures are in place to avoid and manage situations of actual or perceived conflicts of interest. The Policy is read and acknowledged by each member of the Board of AWWA, the Board Committees, and employees, upon appointment and annually thereafter during the term of office. In the event a conflict of interest situation arises, full disclosure must be made and the interested member must abstain from any discussion and voting on the matter.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest or any conflict in roles, employees of AWWA are not allowed to be members of the Board of AWWA and Board Committees. In addition, members of the Board of AWWA and Board Committees are not paid for their services.

No paid employee of AWWA is a close member of the family of the CEO, Board of AWWA, Board Committees, and other Committees.

Please click here to view AWWA Conflict of Interest Policy.

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