Kindle Garden Preschool is a SPARK-accredited preschool which seeks to provide a safe, fun and holistic environment for children of all abilities. At Kindle Garden, our children receive a holistic educational system that diversifies their knowledge of the world, to become confident and compassionate citizens.

A Preschool for Every Child with Big Dreams

Access to quality early childhood education is a crucial aspect of an inclusive social compact.

Following this belief, Kindle Garden was founded in 2016, as Singapore’s first curated inclusive preschool, and is SPARK-accredited.

Our inclusive pedagogy is underpinned by a holistic immersive bilingual curriculum, purpose-built facilities, and personalised learning so that children can develop at their own pace, and grow to become confident and compassionate citizens who are well-prepared to navigate our rapidly evolving world with critical 21st century skills.

The Kindle Garden Difference
  • We utilise evidence-based practices, which are aligned to early childhood principles to prepare all Kindlers for future academic learning
Personalised Learning
  • Individualised learning plans and activities support different learning styles, strengths and interests. We do so in a safe and conducive environment and adopt various instructional strategies and teaching materials.
Low teacher: child ratio
  • Individualised care and dedicated guidance without compromising on the quality of education through small groups.
“Many Hands Approach”
  • A diverse team of professionals and therapists work closely with parents throughout each child’s journey in Kindle Garden to continuously meet their evolving needs.

Kindle Garden has nurtured over 630 young lives, and 100% of typically developing Kindlers have gone on to mainstream primary schools upon graduating from our preschool!

Our Space

Purpose-built facilities designed in collaboration between architects and early childhood professionals whose collective inputs have resulted in conducive facilities that combine both functionality and aesthetics.

Kindle Garden is nestled amidst lush greenery – our young Kindlers don’t get to just learn about the world – they actually get a full multi-sensory experience by being able to see, interact and play with the natural environment outdoors!

From textured floors on the ground to guide all children and teach them how to instinctively follow directions, to suitable indoor swings to build core muscles for physical health, every nook and cranny has been carefully deliberated for the optimal engagement and access of every child.


At Kindle Garden, we nurture differently.

Gift your child with quality childhood experiences for a brighter tomorrow!

  • Toddlers Programme (Little Explorers): 18 – 36 months
  • Kindergarteners Programme (Little Investigators): 4 – 6 years

Kindle Garden’s programmes are accessible for all children including those diagnosed with additional needs such as Global Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome and hearing and visual impairment.

Life at Kindle Garden

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