Therapy Department

Therapy Department

As a team, our therapists of various disciplines work collaboratively and integrative to provide holistic high quality therapy and intervention programmes to enable students with special needs to reach their maximum potential. We also equip staff and caregivers with techniques that will enhance the student’s development and promote their learning in school.

Occupational therapy may be recommended for students who have challenges affecting their participation in the classroom. These challenges could be in the areas of   motor skills, cognitive processing or could be due to issues such as visual or perceptual problems, mental health concerns, disorganization, or inappropriate sensory responses.

Through intervention, students acquire appropriate motor, cognitive and perceptual skills necessary for independence in self-care activities and community.

Our occupational therapists also recommend and train students/caregivers on the use of suitable adaptive/ assistive devices for activities of daily living. 

Speech Therapists (ST) work with students to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. Speech therapists work on developing a child’s understanding and use of language. In particular, our speech therapists focus on the Assessment and Management of Speech, Language and Communication, especially in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) . Our Speech therapists also work on Feeding and Swallowing skills.

In Music therapy, music is used as a modality to promote learning and skill acquisition in non-musical domains. As such, music therapy can be utilized to address students’ development in social, communication, behavioural, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Music Therapy is also a non-verbal medium which can also help address emotional needs of students arising from trauma, sudden life transitions, bereavement etc.

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