Started in 1979, AWWA School provides special education to children with multiple disabilities and children with autism, aged 7 to 18, to maximise the potential for independence and improve quality of life of students with special needs.

Other than a structured academic and non-academic curriculum and CCA programme, the school constantly explores collaboration opportunities with stakeholders to expose our students to different platforms in the community that they could participate in and have richer learning experiences. This enables students to develop, as well as generalise and adapt the skills they have learnt. We embarked on the School-to-Work (S2W) Transition Programme to give our students greater support to move on to the workplace thus increasing the chances of positive post-school outcomes for students and their families.

AWWA Ltd has two SPED schools, namely, AWWA School @ Bedok, serving children with autism; and AWWA School @ Napiri, serving children with autism and multiple disabilities.

Our Mission

To achieve the AWWA's mission by maximising the potential for independence and improve the quality and life of pupils with special needs

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