AWWA Inclusion Experts Series 11 Nov 2023

15th AWWA Inclusion Experts Series – 11 Nov, 2023

Dr Yang Chien-Hui, Founder of Mindsight Inclusion

Dr. Yang Chien-Hui, an esteemed Alumnus professor in Early Childhood Special Education, has a rich academic background with roles at institutions like Missouri State University and NIE/NTU. She now focuses on training Master’s degree students and founded Mindsight Inclusion, providing workshops on education-related topics. Dr. Yang is a respected consultant, contributing to professional development in inclusive preschools and special education organizations, and she’s known for her expertise through media interviews in Singapore.

Session Outcomes:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of ADHD and provide support to students in classroom settings
    Identify avenues and resources to empower students to reach their best potentia

About Unlocking ADHD:

Unlocking ADHD is a social service agency whose mission is to empower ADHDers and their families to live life to the fullest, through peer support groups, workshops, group coaching, access to resources and more.

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