Cephas EIC

The Journey of Cephas, student of AWWA Early Intervention Centre (EIC) @ Napiri

Cephas, a student at AWWA Early Intervention Centre (EIC) @ Napiri, used to use non-specific sounds and gestures to communicate. Due to his speech limitations, he experienced difficulty making his intention known, which on many occasions, led to frustration. As such, Cephas’ family reached out to our therapists, seeking intervention measures.
After weeks of coaching sessions, Cephas experienced a breakthrough! Cephas’ family started making visual cards containing images of his daily activities (e.g. food items, drinks and toys). Since then, Cephas has been communicating his thoughts more effectively through the cards presented to him. More importantly, his family can better understand what he wants specifically. Cephas is also using this picture choice system in EIC to communicate during routines such as snack time. Way to go, Cephas, Cephas’ family, and EIC team!
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