Teachers’ Day Feature: Teaching Assistant Salleh

In a special edition of #voicesofawwa and in celebration of #teachersday this Friday, let’s hear from Salleh, who works as a Teacher Assistant at AWWA School.
“Being a Teacher Assistant does not limit oneself to the word ‘assist” but to co-teach and inculcate our clients together with my Lead Teacher (Partner) in a classroom setting. I have learnt throughout my 5 years in AWWA that building rapport with our clients and compromising will enable a mutual understanding. As a Special Needs Educator, we strive to instil a holistic and nurturing environment for our clients daily.
An unforgettable experience that I would like to share would be during the COVID-19 pre-circuit breaker period, my colleagues and I were rushing to provide our clients with adequate materials for them to utilise during their Home Based Learning. Although there was a tight timeline, we managed to prepare our resources and innovative ideas to provide the imperative materials for our clients.
Through that occurrence, I would like to say thank you to all of my fellow colleagues in AWWA who go above and beyond their call of duty for our clients and providing them with the essentials for their development during these tough times.
Wishing all my fellow superhero colleagues a Happy Teachers’ Day!”
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