Stories of Resilience – Qushairy

As we journey with our clients at AWWA Family Services, we are encouraged when we witness their drive in wanting to be better versions of themselves. AWWA is humbled by their willingness to share their stories of resilience with you. We hope their stories can impact your lives, and may they also inspire you to be resilient warriors!


Eight-year-old Qushairy is a child of few words. Being a shy boy by nature, he takes a while to warm up to new faces. Recently, something interesting happened. Since his enrolment in EIPIC, due to developmental and speech delays, and Sparkletots, he expressed great enthusiasm and excitement to attend school.

At this tender age, Qushairy displays great fortitude as he provides support to Mdm Saadiah by aiding her in fulfilling her day-to-day needs and routine such as bringing her to her doctor’s appointment. Qushairy’s initiative in helping with household chores also alleviated much of Mdm Saadiah’s stress at home as she relies on a wheelchair to manoeuvre around the house. Mdm Saadiah shared, “I will push on to support Qushairy regardless of the challenges we face because his excitement in life is something that I want to see for as long as possible”.

Qushairy’s ability in managing his transition to a mainstream school after receiving support from EIPIC and Sparkle Tots is a testament to his independence and resourcefulness. Who knew that beneath Qushairy’s soft-spoken appearance lies a tenacious spirit that is an inspiration to us all!

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