KG - Ron

Father’s Day Special – Let’s hear Ron’s amazing story!

As soon as the main door swings open, two energetic toddlers come running into your open arms, “Daddy, you are home”! This is an all too familiar scene for Ron (right), as he embraces his two children, Aldric and Amber.

While smiles and laughter are constant in his family, it is not without worries and uncertainties. “My firstborn, Aldric, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Before the diagnosis, we did not do any pre-testing because we were resolute in keeping our child and raising him/her to the best of our ability. As soon as we received the news from the doctor, we did not know how to react”, said Ron.

As time went by, everything fell into place and Ron was given all the help he needed. Aldric is currently enrolled at Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool. “I made it a personal goal to ensure that my kids receive all the help, attention, and love they require for a healthy developmental pathway”, Ron commented. “Aldric is now four and is doing very well. Even though he may not be like other typically developing children, he has taught me that love is more than just a four-letter word. It means going the extra mile, sacrificing one’s own needs for the sake of love. Love never fails”.

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