All I needed was a voice of expression

It was a challenge getting Joshua to participate in activities when he first entered AWWA Special Student Care Centre (SSCC). Diagnosed with Autism, not being able to communicate and express himself, Joshua had frequent meltdowns.

Through the years, Joshua has improved tremendously under his teachers’ guidance at the Centre. He is happiest when he paints and holds up his paintings with pride.

AWWA SSCC is an after-school care empowering students like Joshua to live independently – training them to carry out activities of daily living and equipping them with social skills so that they are able to participate in social settings – at home, in school and in the community. While their children are cared for after school, caregivers of children with special needs are able to stay in the workforce to support the family and gain respite.

Show your support for students like Joshua today by donating or volunteering!

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