Ashraf, HPCS CLient

A Glimpse into My Diary

“My name is Mohd Ashraf and my brother is Mohd Akhbar. My brother and I are born with a problem like Cerebral Palsy. Both of us also had cataract and we did an operation at the very young age of 8 years old. We used to attend the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore at Gilstead Road until we are 18 years old. At that time, we can stand and walk with the help of the rollator. We used to fall a lot of times during our walking days and had a lot of cuts all over our head. There is one time I had a heavy fall on my back that made my condition worst and I can’t stand and walk anymore at the age of 20 years old. We are no longer going to the centre and we stay home all the time!

At that time, my mom took care of us every day. She will do exercises for us, prepare food for us and bathe us with no help. What I can tell you is she is an iron lady. She sacrificed a lot for us and sometimes she didn’t bother about her own health conditions. As we get older, my mom is also getting older and I can’t imagine one day we will lose her. Our life will be shattered. Who will take care of us like what she had done for us. This is the time that we are very scared who will take care of us. I can tell you nobody can take care of us like she did. She is our precious mom.”

*The above is an abstract from Ashraf’s diary and is written in original context. However, the content was grammatically edited for clarity purposes.


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