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Joyce Lum, Deputy Director of AWWA Allied Health Professional Group gave her comments to The Straits Times surrounding employment in the social service sector

Joyce Lum, Deputy Director of Allied Health Professional Group and Corporate Services at AWWA, said the social service agency employs over 700 staff and 61 of them are foreigners, of which 90 per cent are healthcare workers. Of these, 70 per cent are skilled allied health professionals while 20 per cent are health care assistants, including nurses. They came to work in Singapore for reasons such as family relocation or a better life or education, and most have assimilated well, she said.

The foreign staff in AWWA’s ranks have plenty of experience and have been there a long time and that a lot of people in this job usually do it because they have the heart for it, said Joyce. She added that the local numbers of potential employees are increasing and with more graduates in this field, AWWA is moving towards hiring more locals in the long run.


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