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Joyce Lum, Deputy Director of AWWA Allied Health Professional Group and Lakshmi, Senior Speech Therapist shared their thoughts on Lianhe Zaobao

Lakshmi (Puzhekadavil Babu Sethulakshmi, 34) from India has worked as a senior speech therapist at AWWA for over five years. Following the outbreak, AWWA placed speech therapy courses online, and the team used many online resources and tools, such as games and videos to practise vocalisation and increase engagement and effectiveness of online therapy.

Joyce Lum, deputy director of AWWA Allied Health Professional Group and Corporate Services said that it is challenging to find local talents with the required skillset in the country. Currently, AWWA employs about 60 foreign employees, accounting for about 8% of the total number of employees. In recent years, the organisation is trying to reduce dependency on foreign talents by providing better job benefits.


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