Congratulations AWWA School Graduates Of Class 2017!

Congratulations AWWA School Graduates Of Class 2017!

The next chapter of life begins for the 10 graduates of AWWA School. Themed “Over the Rainbow”, the School Graduation and Award Presentation Ceremony, held on 17 Nov 2017, celebrates not only the achievements of the students but also the journey with their teachers and friends through the years.

Parents and guests were greeted with a backdrop of a rainbow-coloured heart made out of little paper butterflies. The rainbow colours represent unity and inclusion, and the butterflies symbolise dreams taking flight. The masterpiece was put together by both teachers and students.

There was a bittersweet moment in every minute – bitter because of the goodbyes but sweet because achievements were recognised and celebrated. Students who did well in areas like language, sports and arts also received awards.

Teachers also pieced together a video montage of the graduating students and teachers who taught them bid their farewells and wished them well.

The graduates of both the morning and afternoon session performed on the AWWA School stage as students for the very last time. It was definitely a touching performance for both their parents and their teachers who have seen their growth and resilience through the years.

Muhammed Zikri, who was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award in August this year, was also honoured at the School Graduation and Award Presentation Ceremony.

We congratulate all the AWWA School Graduates of Class 2017 and wish them the best for their lives ahead!