8th AWWA Silver Sports Day

EXCITING, ENERGIZED, ENGAGING – three words to describe the 8th AWWA Silver Sports Day!

Close to 400 seniors from AWWA Health and Senior Care, Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens, Lions Befrienders Senior Activity Centre @ Blk 318, COMNET Senior Services, Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre @ Blk 257 and SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home came together to participate in the 8th AWWA Silver Sports Day on 21 Sept.

Co-organised by ITE College Central, this year’s theme “Sparkle Seniors” celebrates the strengths and abilities of our seniors through modified sports. Through this platform, we hope to promote social participation and physical activity to enable our seniors to age gracefully.

About 130 staff and student volunteers from ITE College Central helped with the logistics, set-up the fringe activities and supported our seniors through the event. 19 volunteers from SportCares facilitated the games and ensured that the activities went smoothly. This year, we had nine game stations in total and three new ones – Captain’s Ball, Badminton (Group) and Volley ball.

It was great to see the seniors’ enthusiasm and competitive spirit come alive! More importantly, the smiles on their faces.

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