Yap Li Wen


Yap Li Wen


Principal Occupational Therapist


Allied Health Professional Group

Years of Service:


How did I join AWWA? Why did I join AWWA?

Joining AWWA was a natural choice for me as there are diverse programs that strive to empower clients to maximise their potential and lead a purposeful life. Besides getting to see clients in different life stages across the lifespan, we also get to support clients and their family in their own home, their neighborhood, and their community. Being in the client’s natural contexts affords me with opportunities to better understand the needs and resources of clients and collaborate with community partners, to enable participation.  

Moreover, AWWA is one of the more prominent therapy hubs in Singapore, where we provide therapy services to numerous Intermediate and Long-term Care (ILTC) agencies. The programmes that we develop have the potential to be rolled out in different places, which put us in a good position of influence of care delivery in the ILTC sector. 


What is my driving force?

My primary source of motivation comes from the clients whom I got to be part of their recovery journey. Partnering my clients to achieve their goals and being there to celebrate with them when they experience successes have been extremely revitalizing. Even though some of their goals seem simple, like being able to go to the nearby hawker center by themselves and have a meal there, our clients devote time and energy to address the different barriers including family’s expectations and disease-related impairments. Their determination and courage to deal with challenges head-on constantly inspire me to persevere and to thrive. I love how Maya Angelou puts it, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


How is the staff welfare in AWWA?

The management in AWWA invests generously in the welfare and development of staff. Although I am outsourced to external agencies, there are various initiatives to help us grow professionally and also provide social support. Some examples include regular check-ins from our supportive manager, monthly internal training, and occasional staff wellness events. More importantly, our management has been actively grooming staffs to develop holistically in clinical and other professional aspects and so, to become an exemplary social service leader.

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