Eunice Chang Sow Keng


Eunice Chang Sow Keng


Head of Social Work


AWWA School

Years of Service:


Although social work was a vocation Eunice decided on in Secondary School, a job at AWWA School was an opportunity she merely chanced upon. Emerging from a medical setting, Eunice was ensnared by AWWA’s very openhearted and welcoming staff, overall balminess of the working environment and culture which she says is unlike anything that she has ever experienced. She enthusiastically declares that the strong bonds that she shares with her colleagues that transcend departments and hierarchy have nurtured and enriched her AWWA experience.

Eunice is humble about her hefty portfolio which involves managing various staff such as psychologists, therapists and social workers over and above handling a large portion of the social work cases.

Her driving force? The children.

Eunice enlivens her daily experience by admiring and dwelling in the beauty and cuteness of the children’s’ innocence. She never stops believing in their potential and that deep belief revitalizes her every dawn.

‘Every day is a new day at AWWA School with new and different experiences with always something new to learn,’ proclaims Eunice.

She derives her job satisfaction and contentment from value-adding. In addition to enriching the children’s’ lives, Eunice has a strong desire to improve the lives of her fellow social workers. In time, she hopes that social workers will gain more social and public acknowledgement, appreciation and monetary recognition for the work that they do.  Eunice is determined to be a part of that process.

When asked about staff welfare at AWWA, she confidently declares that AWWA does well in retaining their staff despite industry-wide challenges. They have ensured that salaries are comparable to that of the civil service sector with a healthy dose of attractive staff benefits.

Echoing the sentiments of her colleagues, she too is thankful for AWWA’s management emphasis on work/life balance. In her opinion, very unlike other organization’s that lose their focus along the way, AWWA continues to stick to its core values by empowering its staff daily. Singing praises of Tim Oei, CEO of AWWA and Mrs Ruby Seah, principal of AWWA School, Eunice is grateful that her CEO and principal are hallmarks of humility and productivity with a balanced diet of work and life. She assures me that feedback sought is change waiting to happen and nothing is left for the walls.

These stories are from our dedicated staff, who are passionate to make the difference.

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