The Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) is a person-centric model that provides a one-stop service comprising home-based and centre-based care. IHDC’s main objective is to allow seniors to age gracefully in their own homes with their family. This alternative option to a nursing home helps maintain family bonds and keeps our seniors happier. Being able to remain close to family members in a familiar environment also provides more comfort for the seniors as they age. By aging at home, they can continue pursuing activities that they enjoy, allowing them to maintain their independence and autonomy.


IHDC will assess, plan and coordinate the different health care services needed by the seniors. Seniors’ care plans are customised according to their changing needs. Depending on their condition, plans may evolve from home-based to centre-based services or vice versa. Care plans also extend to the seniors’ caregivers, giving both parties support and confidence to continue living in the community.


Services include:


  • Care coordination and management of each seniors’ care needs
  • Day Care services, e.g. social activities, maintenance rehabilitation
  • Home Care and Support, e.g. home medical and nursing, personal care, meal deliveries
  • Dementia Care, e.g. cognitive exercises, maintenance activities
  • Caregiver training and support
  • After-hours helpline


To qualify for this service, seniors must be:


  • Eligible for nursing homes but would still like to continue aging in the community
  • Frail and require multiple health and social care services
  • Have a caregiver or can be safe when alone at home


Service fees depend on the level of care required by the senior. Based on the Ministry of Health’s Intermediate and Long Term Care household means-testing, seniors may receive up to 80% in subsidies.

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