Family Service Centre (FSC) works with families to stay strong and stable, which in turn encourages families to give back in their own way by helping other families within their community.


In the long run, we want to see members within the family grow more resilient as a family unit to overcome future challenges. Healthy families provide a strong foundation in nurturing the individuals and families of our next generation.


The goal is to transform families and individuals to promote the “Family for Family” culture as a building block towards an inclusive caring community that gives back and supports one another.


We actively reach out to the families and community through various outreach events and doorstep conversations to create greater awareness of our services and programmes.


Assistance and programmes provided:


  • Information and Referral
    Families and individuals who have personal or family-related issues can contact FSC and our staff will assess their needs and link them with appropriate community resources.


  • Casework, Counselling and Groupwork
    Social workers and Counsellors will work with families and individuals to help them cope with their challenges such as marital issues, family conflicts, family violence, financial difficulties and caregiver stress in various life stages.


  • Children, Youth and Young Adult Programmes
    FSC provides programmes to help children, youth and young adults through their various life stages from creating self-awareness, developing social skills to building resilience, identifying their strengths and value systems, and providing career guidance.

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Family Service Centre

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