Ms Michelle YEO

Director, Human Resources
Appointed 1/1/2024

AWWA to me is…“a place that gives me a new pair of eyes and fresh perspectives”. 

Michelle is AWWA’s Director of Human Resources, reporting to COO Selina. She joined AWWA in 2019 and is responsible for ensuring that the organisation delivers quality service to clients across life stages, by building a steady multi-professional pool of competent and exemplary professionals. Domains she oversees include talent acquisition and development, employee relations, benefits and compensation, and client experience.

Prior to joining AWWA, Michelle’s professional journey spanned multiple sectors including retail services and hospitality, and she was previously the Regional Associate Director of the Marriott Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Centre. With a desire to utilise her HR expertise and be part of a larger societal cause, Michelle made the pivot to the social service sector, and has never looked back since. Today her sights are focused on elevating AWWA’s brand as an employer of choice so that AWWA’s mission of plugging social service gaps continues to be a reality through the passion and aspirations of professionals from all walks of life.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Business Management, and was awarded Senior Practitioner certification by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals.

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