Ms Lee Lee NG

Director, Disability & Inclusion
Appointed 1/1/2023

AWWA to me is…“home”. 

Lee Lee is AWWA’s Director of Disability & Inclusion, reporting to CEO Karthik. She joined AWWA in 2016 and in her most recent position, is responsible for the strategy, and quality of operations for AWWA’s Children and Adult Disability services, alongside Singapore’s first inclusive preschool, Kindle Garden.

Prior to taking on the mantle of the Disability and Inclusion (D&I) portfolio and managing hundreds of employees, Lee Lee previously led the AWWA’s Centralised Admin (Disability & Inclusion), Home Personal Care Service, and Special Student Care Service teams.

Fusing two decades of Intermediate Long-Term Care operations and management experience with a comprehensive understanding of Disability services within AWWA, Lee Lee leveraged on her unique amalgamation of knowledge and competence to set up AWWA’s first Adult Home and Day Activity Centre for 300 and 50 adults respectively in 2022.

Prior to joining AWWA, Lee Lee worked in the Republic of Singapore Navy, Singapore Airport Terminal Services and Raffles Hospital. She has also held managerial positions in Pacific Healthcare, Singapore Christian Home, Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services, and Tsao Foundation.

Passionate about synergy for success by engaging in interprofessional collaboration within and beyond AWWA, Lee Lee is currently a member of the Developing New Community Living Models Taskforce, and was a member of the Capability Building for Care & Programme Staff in the Disability Sector Workgroup as appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Lee Lee holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business (Double Major).

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