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Calling for a Perception Shift through Inclusive Education

The concept of inclusion may still seem fuzzy to many; to put it broadly, inclusion is about embracing each and every individual without any individual making accommodations to the pre-existing environment, structure or attitude. It focuses on the strengths of a person and not their weaknesses. Incl...

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AWWA Programme Update: Caregiver Service (Disability)

AWWA launched the Caregiver Service (Disability) or CS(D) in short on 1 May 2016. This two-year pilot project funded by Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative Grant aims to support caregivers of persons with disability ranging from childhood to adulthood. What makes this service unique is that caregiv...

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Encourage your employer to join in support of your cause. Ask your marketing or HR departments to strategically get involved to help people in our community.

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If you're running a marathon, doing a triathlon, riding in cycling race, etc. raise funds at the same time by encouraging family and friends to support your efforts by donating to AWWA.

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