To empower the disadvantaged to maximise their potential to lead independent and dignified lives.


AWWA is a social service agency, which serves persons of different demographics across life-stages yearly. Services include early intervention for pre-schoolers, education and disability support for children and adults with additional needs, assistance to low income families, caregivers, and health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors. AWWA is Singapore-based, with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status.

Over S$7,300,000 funds raised

Over 10,000 volunteer opportunities 

Over 185,000 hours of intervention
and service provided
through Allied Health
Professional Group


20 services that serve persons with disabilities, youths, families, seniors and members of the community

Figures are based on FY19/20

Over 2,300 children and youths with additional needs served

Over 4,750 home and school

visits conducted for
youths with disabilities
in mainstream schools


Over 500 family units
served through Family Services


Over 5,400 seniors, their caregivers and members of the community served through Health and Senior Care activities and mental health outreach events

Figures are based on FY19/20

AWWA Legacy of Love Campaign

Join us in making a difference in the lives of those in need!