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Long-Time Partner Tote Board Continues to Give Back

Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been our long-time partner and they stay committed to their vision and mission to improve the lives of the disadvantaged to build a stronger community. AWWA has received their support through fundraising events such as Gold Cup and our AWWA Charity Golf event. Because of their continuous support, AWWA is able to provide sustainable programmes to empower our clients to optimise their potential to lead dignified and independent lives.

One of our clients who has benefitted from Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club is Madam Aishah Mizah from AWWA Caregiver Service.

“I believe that no parent should be alone in raising a child without family or community support, especially parents of children with special needs,” says Madam Aishah Mizah, 49, mother of Muhammad Solihin who was diagnosed with multiple distal arthrogryposis, a physical and mental disorder that affects growth.

AWWA Caregiver Service’s “Walk with Me” programme has empowered caregivers like Madam Aishah by supporting her in caregiving journey for her child with special needs. With continuous support from our corporate partners, it will enable us to identify the needs of our clients and support them with community-based programmes and services.

Since 2006, Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have donated more than $395,000 in support of ways to build stronger communities.

To find out how you can contribute to our cause, please contact our Community Partnership team at or 6511 5200.

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