Kindle Garden: Paving the Way for Inclusive Preschool Education

Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool, was started by AWWA in partnership with Lien Foundation and SG Enable. It was built with the purpose of providing all children access to a value-based, inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environment from the design structure to curriculum right down to the culture, policies and values.

Like with every new operation, there were initial concerns. How was the public going to perceive it? Would it be well-received by parents?

Now, Kindle Garden is seven months into operation and we are pleased to say that all those concerns have been put to rest. We are very encouraged from all the positive responses that we’ve been getting and from the fact that the inclusive preschool is filled to capacity with a waiting list of 100 children with special needs and 25 typically-developing children.

Here’re what parents of children enrolled in Kindle Garden have to say:

“I was wondering if the curriculum would cater just to children with special needs, but I liked the idea of personalized care. I also notice my daughter being helpful to others. Kids need to be taught (when they’re) young to accept differences among people.”

– Mr Izaan Tari Sheiki, parent of a typically-developing child

“I was concerned if the centre could handle her, but there are therapists around, so it’s okay.”

– Chan Bi Yi, parent of a child with Down syndrome

Moving beyond this, AWWA is looking into developing an index to measure inclusion in Singapore’s early education.

For more information on Kindle Garden, click here.

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