SGX Bull Charge

SGX Bull Charge

SGX (Singapore Exchange) Bull Charge first started in 2004. It is the only corporate charity run that brings the financial industry and all SGX-listed companies together for a common cause – to empower communities through financial literacy and promote sustainable societies.

SGX Bull Charge has an enviable track record over the past 11 years, raising more than $22 million for more than 50 different charities. No other corporate run in Singapore garners the same level of donations in a single event. More than 31,000 runners from the financial industry and SGX-listed companies have raced along the streets of the CBD in the spirit of Bull Charge. Now in its 12th year, SGX is aiming to bring in $2.5 million with a series of fundraising events

AWWA was handpicked by SGX Bull Charge as one of their four beneficiaries back on year 2012 on a 3-year term. We are privileged to be re-nominated for another term from year 2015 to 2017.

SGX Bull Charge played a vital role in encouraging volunteerism and philanthropy in the financial sector. Through year-long fund raising effort with activities like charity golf, auction, fustal, relay and wrap up each year with a CDB run, SGX Bull Charge leads partners and general public to help the disadvantaged.

SGX staff clocked in a total of 255 volunteering hours in the last three years. In addition, SGX plays a catalyst role in encouraging Singapore Exchange listed companies to promote staff volunteerism and link them with AWWA to serve the disadvantaged.

From 2012-14, SGX Bull Charge raised a total of $2.2mil to support the AWWA causes in a wide spectrum of work :

  • Empower Children/ Youth with Special Need to Live Dignifed Lives
    • Provide transportation for students with special needs from home to AWWA School
    • Build a model kitchen that enable students with special needs to learn how prepare meals and be independent
    • Sponsor therapy van that is fully equipped to perform on-board therapy sessions, that goes around island-wide to serve youth with special needs
    • resource & toy library to make knowledge & resources available and accessible to people with special needs, educators and caregivers
  • Promote Healthy Families
    • family service centre to help needy families and empower each individual to be resilient and to contribute to the society
    • after-school care centre for students with special needs that enables families to be financially viable and provides caregivers the opportunity to pursue their career aspiration
    • Train and empower caregivers island-wide
  • Enable Seniors to Age Actively
    • senior activity centre to promote active aging and prevent social isolation.

To find out how you can contribute to our cause, please contact our Community Partnership team at or 6511 5200.