Over the years, AWWA has served seniors and people with special needs and multiple disabilities, as well as disadvantaged families and individuals. Focused on supporting these client groups, family caregivers’ needs and well-being were initially overlooked.


Identifying caregiver support as an area of focus, AWWA launched its caregiver service in 2006 to provide psycho-social and emotional support for caregivers, and to advocate for caregiver-centred services. We have reached out to caregivers and caregiving families through public education and psycho-social support programmes, outreach activities, talks and life-skills workshops.


We also advocate for more caregiver-friendly policies, support and services for caregivers and their loved ones. Our services include:


Information & Referral


Caregiver Service provides up-to-date information on available schemes, resources and support services through Caregiver Service’s info-line and our Drop-In Centre.


Caregiving Life Skills Training Series


Caregiver Service’s psycho-social training programme equips family caregivers with essential skills and effective strategies to deal with caregiving challenges while providing tips on caregiver self-care as well.


Model Caregiver Awards


Launched in 2007, the awards recognise individual caregivers, caregiving families and domestic helpers who have demonstrated exemplary resourcefulness, resilience and impact in caring for their loved ones. Their inspiring stories help to motivate fellow caregivers with the message that caregiving is an integral part of our life’s journey, and that they are not alone.


Caregivers Connect


This is a community network for caregivers to engage and share with one another, form mutual-help groups and attend bi-monthly interaction and self-care activities.


Advocacy & Research


We engage in research and pilot services to advocate for more caregiving-friendly policies, support and services for caregiving families.

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