Caregiver Service (Disability) – CS (D) was launched on 1 May 2016. It aids in addressing the needs of caregivers of persons with disability and/or special needs, from childhood to adulthood.


This two-year pilot programme aims to support caregivers of persons with disability and/or special needs in the following ways:


Information and Referral Service


If you have a caregiving issue, we want to help. We want to understand your needs, and point you to the right people who can provide the support you require.


Case Management and Counselling


Confide in us! We provide emotional support and counselling services to guide you through your caregiving journey.


Caregiver Respite Programme


Take a break from your caregiving duties with us during weekends and school holidays. We’ll care for your loved ones (up to 18 years old) while you take time to care for yourself. You can also  join us in our family outings and activities designed for caregivers and your loved ones with disabilities of any age.


Educational and Skills Training


As caregiving is a journey with specific learning needs, we organise workshops to help caregivers better cope with the demands of caregiving.


Caregiver’s Care Network


You do not have to walk alone. We have Befrienders, Mutual Help & Interest Groups, as well as a Leadership Development programme to aid caregivers in forming their own community.

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Caregiver Service (Disability)

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