Development Support and Learning Support Programme offers early intervention for mainstream pre-school children (K1 and K2) with mild developmental delays to overcome challenges in their early stages of learning. The aim is unique; the programme does not focus directly on a child’s limitations, but on the child’s immediate environment, such as parents, teachers and classmates, to help the child overcome their challenges holistically. Therapy and learning support are provided to help children generalise skills acquired during intervention to a classroom set-up. Children enrolled in this programme have the potential for mainstream education.


Three Main Phases of the Programme


Phase I:

The programme is introduced through briefing by the Principal and teachers.  Parental consent exercise follows before a child can be identified for the programme.


Phase II:

Teachers identify children for DSP and Learning Support Educators (LSEd’s) conduct screening. Screening results will be discussed with DSP team and Paediatrician through a Case Filter meeting.  A Parent-Social Worker meeting follows to share the recommendation to the parents.


Phase III:

With parents’ approval for the recommended intervention, Therapy or Learning Support Package intervention commences.


There will only be 1 intervention package at a time based on child’s needs (maximum of two intervention packages over two years).


Programme fees are based on Means Testing and subsidised under the Ministry of Social and Family Development and National Council of Social Service.

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