Started in 1987, the Toy Library has evolved from toys donated by parents and well-wishers to a collection of nearly a thousand toys and 650 toy library members today. Today, toys are purchased on the advice of AWWA therapists and categorised in domains based on child development principles. This allows parents and professionals to select suitable toys for the children’s developmental needs.


It is known that children learn best through play so parents and teachers use these toys to help children improve their communication, cognitive, and reading skills. In addition, children must always be accompanied by adults at the Toy Library so this helps to facilitate bonding through play.


Membership is open to the public for an annual fee of $12.00.


To sign up as a member, please follow the instructions on the Membership Formterms and conditions apply.


Rei En who goes to the Early Intervention Centre says that her favourite place at AWWA is the Toy Library. “She insists that we go to the Toy Library every time she comes,” says her mother Jenny. They spend about 20 minutes about 2 to 3 times a week. Her current favourite toy is a guitar.


“I can’t think of a happier place for a child to be in,” says Susan, a parent. “There’s a lot of laughter, the children who are new to the Toy Library cannot believe that they have all these toys to play with!”

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