Resource and Training Centre

The Resource and Training Centre (RTC) has over 4,000 resource materials such as books, journals and AV materials on special needs and learning difficulties.


Toy Library

Housed in the RTC, the toy library, started in 1987, has evolved from toys donated by parents and well-wishers to a collection of nearly a thousand toys. Today, toys are purchased based on the advice of AWWA therapists and categorised in domains based on child development principles. This allows parents and professionals to select suitable toys for the children’s developmental needs.


It is known that children learn best through play so parents and teachers use these toys to support the child’s development in communication, cognitive and reading skills. As children have to be accompanied by adults at the Toy library, this can help to facilitate bonding through play.


Membership is now only open to students of AWWA School, Early Intervention Centre and Special Student Care Centre. Membership is free and will cease upon the students’ withdrawal and/or upon graduation. For existing members, membership will remain valid until after date of expiry as registered.

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Resource and Training Centre & Toy Library

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