The Allied Health Professional Group (AHPG) host all the Allied Health Professionals comprising Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Music Therapists and Psychologists under this umbrella.


AHPG was set up to build the capacity of and capability among allied health professionals while providing a comprehensive range of professional and qualitative intervention services internally – to the different services within AWWA and externally – to other voluntary welfare organisations in the social service, health care and education sectors serving a wide range of clients from children to elders.


The key focus areas of AHPG are in


  • Quality – Clinical standards and audit
  • Teaching – Supervision, mentorship, training and development
  • Niche – Develop specialisation
  • Sectoral – Sectoral development work and impact
  • 3R – Job recruitment, retention and rotation


With the formation of AHPG, the professionals are able to develop in their careers through job rotation within the range of programmes available, thus creating greater job satisfaction amongst the professionals.

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