A Peek into AWWA

Yeang Phaik Ang – General Assistant at AWWA Rehab and Day Care Centre

Hi, my name is Yeang Phaik Ang, and I have been working in the Community Care sector for five years. Prior to joining the sector, I ran my own business, selling garments. I made the switch as I wanted to embark on something more meaningful. A typical work day for me as a General Assistant would involve maintaining the hygiene levels of common spaces at AWWA’s Rehab and Day Care Centre. It is a role I take on with great pride and responsibility, as the cleanliness of the surroundings is a key factor in ensuring that the RDCC Centre remains a safe, clean and pleasant space for all in it. I am heartened and encouraged when clients in the Centre thank me for keeping the area clean and well-maintained, even though, it is my job to do so. This is an added bonus for me!

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