Volunteer Spotlight: From Recipient to Ambassador

Mr Phua Kim Yong decided to seek help from AWWA Family Service Centre (FSC) two years ago, when he was stressed and depressed over family and intrapersonal issues.

With the support and guidance of the counselors, Kim Yong had to make painful decisions to change his life.

Besides one-to-one counseling, AWWA FSC also holds group work sessions on relevant topics, creating a platform of mutual support and encouraging participants to discuss ideas and experiences with one another.

Through these sessions, Kim Yong felt a strong sense of belonging and connection because everyone had been through similar situations and could empathise with each other.

“I’ve changed. I’m not the same person as before. The change happened subtly, like the way the secondhand moves on the clock – you don’t feel it, but you see a massive difference when you compare the present to the past,” said Kim Yong as he recalled his journey.

Kim Yong, now an AWWA FSC ambassador, has been participating actively in various programmes like the AWWA Annual Gathering and outreach programmes. He raises awareness about AWWA FSC’s services and how families facing financial, marital or parenting issues, can come forward to seek help.

The AWWA Annual Gathering last year left a deep impression on him, because he met people with similar stories or even more serious ones. He was greatly moved by the resilience and quick recovery of those individuals.

Volunteering with AWWA FSC taught him that interacting with others aids him helping others more effectively. He encourages the public to step forward and help families in difficult situations.

Take the first step and support the AWWA FSC workshops or even initiate new programmes to engage families in need!

For more information on how you can volunteer with AWWA, email volunteer@awwa.org.sg.

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