Teachers’ Day Feature: Teacher Syafinaz

In a special edition of #voicesofawwa and in celebration of #teachersday this Friday, let’s hear from Syafinaz, Senior Teacher at AWWA Early Intervention Centre (Fernvale).
“What motivates me at work? I pondered on this question for a while because there are so many interlinked motivations that it is difficult for me to pick just one.
I started my career as an untrained teacher. When I first joined this industry, there was a steep learning curve. 5 years in, I am still learning. I face new challenges every day and some of which, still surprises me! This keeps me going because I strive to grow professionally, hone my skills and learn from my capable peers. As an Early Interventionist, I work closely with both young children with developmental needs and their families through adopting child-centric and family-centered approaches. Identifying the families’ stressors and working around their concerns allows me to put myself in their shoes and provide the support they need.
Given the opportunity to help these children find meaning in their natural environment and pick up skills to participate functionally, truly motivates me. In my work with these children and their caregivers, it equips them with skills that helps to improve their social upwards mobility. It motivates me knowing that my work with them, no matter how small, would have a big impact in their future!”
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