Teachers’ Day Feature: Teacher Fiona

In a special edition of #VoicesofAWWA and in celebration of #TeachersDay this Friday, let’s hear from Fiona, Head Teacher at AWWA Early Intervention Centre (Kim Keat).
“7 years ago, I started as an Early Intervention teacher due to my passion for working with children with developmental needs, and the meaningful work I can do with their families. As teachers, we are here out of love for the children, and regardless of how challenging the job may be, what keeps us going is knowing that we all have the same goals for them.
Sometimes we see children misbehaving and you may think that they are out to be naughty. However, at times, what we see is the tip of the iceberg. The behaviours that are displayed by these children could be due to many reasons. It could be their inability to express discomfort or their feelings in a socially acceptable manner. As an educator, some tips that I often share with caregivers and fellow teachers would be:
1. Be prepared to spend some time to get into their world, and at a pace which they allow you to.
2. Always talk to them at their eye level so that they know you are speaking to them.
3. Don’t be disheartened when they are not responsive. Observe to learn what they are interested in and join them in their play session.
4. Play more and instruct less. Through play or mutual interaction, you get to learn their likes and dislikes and over time, connect with them.
Sometimes, children are our teachers too!”
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