Su Ting

Tan Su Ting – Therapy Assistant at AWWA Rehab and Day Care Centre

“My name is Su Ting, and I am a Therapy Assistant at AWWA Rehab and Day Care Centre (RDCC). I am responsible for the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) of our seniors, and ensuring that they receive timely therapy sessions that fit their physical status. I make it a point to put smiles on my clients’ faces whenever we conduct the sessions because we never know what they are going through. It helps them take their mind off their issues when we are with them.

My profession has shaped my character – to be gracious and kind to people regardless of their background. We meet a fair share of both friendly and challenging clients. However, we try to understand their concerns, and from there, we work towards one goal – to provide a positive client experience.

We rejoice with them when we see improvements; we comfort them when they are feeling down. Through it all, we just want the best for our clients. The road to recovery is a long one, and I want to be my clients every step of the way.”

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