Stories of Resilience – Keisha

As the saying goes, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”. Keisha, a resilient young lady, embodies this proverb and always tries her best to find beauty and joy in the littlest things.

Despite going through multiple stressful transitions in her life, she refuses to succumb to negativity and continues to be her bubbly self, spreading positivity to the people around her. She has shown to be sensible by being a sensitive, caring and loving daughter and older sister to her mum and her two younger siblings, caring for their feelings and needs.

Having experienced the meaning of hardship at a young age, she shared that she hopes that in the future she can make this world a better place by helping the vulnerable and being a pillar of support to those in need, just like how her family have been taken care of by friendly social workers.

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