Saffia – Senior Social Worker Associate at AWWA Home Personal Care Service

Hi, my name is Saffia, and I am a Senior Social Work Associate at AWWA Home Personal Care Service. I plan and coordinate our client’s care in an all-rounded approach, including financial assistance, providing psycho-social support for clients and their families through case management, counselling, financial assessment, and recommending resources where necessary. Caring for persons with disabilities and seniors can be physically and mentally challenging, so we walk alongside caregivers and ensure that they are not alone in this journey of caregiving.

What I enjoy the most about my job is that I get to have a glimpse into my clients’ lives, which allows me to provide them with care that goes beyond just tending to their medical needs. In a one-to-one setting, in the comfort of their homes, my clients would often share personal stories and experiences with me, such as their childhood memories and how they met their significant other. These stories did not just shape their lives, it shaped mine too. I can safely say that the biggest reward this profession provides is the bond that I forge with my clients, one that transcends the patient-caregiver relationship.

Sure, there are times when I encounter demoralising moments. When such events happen, I reflect on the many lives I have changed and impacted, lift my head, and continue marching forward. My motivation stems from a great desire to help others and see the positive change in their lives.

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