Alina, CIS Client edited

Pursuing my dreams with the support from AWWA Community Integration Service

“I struggled a lot in Primary School. I wasn’t doing well academically. Classmates would make fun of me. I had difficulties writing so I never completed my examination papers on time. Things took a turn for the better when AWWA stepped in. In Primary 3, I was introduced to AWWA’s Community Integration Service. A team of therapists arranged to speak to my school’s principal and teachers about my condition. I was granted a 15 to 30 minute extension during examinations. This meant a lot to me because I could finally complete an exam paper. AWWA would also send a mobile therapy van to my school during PE lessons. I would practice standing, balancing and do stretching exercises to delay the deterioration of my muscles. I’m grateful to AWWA for being a part of my academic journey, from primary school all the way to polytechnic. Although I am independent now, the therapists at AWWA still check in on me to make sure I am getting the support and help I need to pursue my dreams.”

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