Paving the Way through Tenacity and Determination

Like any regular youth, Jacqueline enjoys hanging out with friends and going on overseas community service trips. However, beneath Jacqueline’s cheery disposition is a young lady who has Torsion Dystonia (involuntary and repetitive muscle contractions). Her condition has resulted in scoliosis of the spine, poor sitting posture and has also affected her speech clarity. As a child, Jacqueline was fully dependent on her mother as she found it difficult to control her body movements and perform self-care needs.

With the support from the AWWA Community Integration Service (CIS), Jacqueline was determined to help herself and sought physio, occupational and hydrotherapy, educational and social support. Apart from the physical rehabilitation, Jacqueline also participated in training workshops and overnight camps organised by CIS to develop her social and independent living skills. With the training, she joined various community outreach projects in neighbouring countries and contributed to the less privileged communities there.

Jacqueline rose above her disabilities to perform creditably through her years of education, earning herself a B.A. (Hons) in History from the National University of Singapore (NUS) this year. Jacqueline is now able to attend to her own self-care needs. For her admirable tenacity and drive to succeed, she was awarded the AWWA TEACH ME Special Achievement Award in 2012. She continues to participate in our camps and social events, and is mentor to guide her younger peers in planning and organising activities.


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