Making friends through the golden years

Born with Turner Syndrome, Mdm Lau’s protective parents never allowed her to work as they feared she would be bullied for her small frame. Left alone after her parents passed on and when her relatives could not care for her, Mdm Lau sought shelter at the AWWA Senior Community Home (SCH) in 2018.

At the Home, the previously shy and reserved Mdm Lau was given the opportunity and encouragement to grow confident in making friends. Today, Mdm Lau looks forward to group activities where she socialises with other residents. She greets everyone with a big smile and loves karaoke sessions where she claps along to cheer her many friends on.

AWWA SCH empowers seniors like Mdm Lau to live independently through providing them a home and integrates them into the bigger community.

Show your support for seniors like Mdm Lau today by donating or volunteering!

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