Let’s hear from Zikri – AWWA School Alumni

AWWA School’s curriculum aims to maximise the potential for independence and improve the quality of life of students with additional needs. Introducing Zikri, AWWA School alumni, and this is his story.

Zikri was nominated by school leaders and was awarded with the Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student award in 2017 in recognition of his perseverance in learning and responsibility to tasks in school and at home. He excelled in competitive sports for CCA and has performed in a choir for a public performance.

Zikri is also a keen learner who consistently seeks to improve his quality of work. His positive attitude secured him a part-time employment with Swensen’s upon graduating in 2018. His determination and perseverance to constantly improve himself have led him to sustain his current employment. Thank you, Zikri, for being an inspiration to us all, and proving to us that with determination, nothing is impossible!

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