International Day of Older Persons 2020

The International Day of Older Persons is observed every 1st October to focus and raise awareness about the well-being and needs of the elderly. This year, International Day of Older Persons highlights the role of the healthcare workforce in contributing to the health of older persons, with special recognition of the nursing profession. Let’s hear from Zhang Yan, our Nurse Manager at AWWA Senior Community Home.
“Life is a beautiful circle from birth to death, where no one can avoid going through nature’s progression. AWWA has given me the valuable opportunity to be part of each seniors’ life circle.
My source of strength comes from my nursing team, fellow colleagues and community stakeholders, whom have empowered me to do my best for all seniors in our community home especially during the COVID-19 period. My team aims to motivate the abled seniors to steer and manage their own desired life by being inclusive and participative in community activities with dignity. The frail seniors are supported in their daily activities with compassion, care and empathy.
Despite being a registered nurse for 40 years, my interest and passion in attending to the people remains heightened and I must thank AWWA for giving me opportunities to sharpen my competencies.”
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